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Why we do it better

It's simple.
.experience and reliability.

Experience means professionalism
The team at The Valuer has more than 80 years in the property and banking industry. Our team has unrivalled experience to deliver a highly professional service.

Experience means qualifications
We encourage all of our valuers are associate members and certified practising valuers with the Australian Property Institute (API). We insist the our valuers not only conduct every valuation to the guidelines of the API and valuation licensing boards, but also follows the standing instructions from our clients.

Experience means technology
Employing specialised valuation-based software in combination with wireless internet technology the Valuer allows us to complete most of our valuations in the field, ensuring you get the fastest turnaround times.

Reliability means confidence
The Valuer is insured with comprehensive public liability and professional indemnity insurance policies. Our policies give us the confidence to do our job properly and protect our clients, and we've never had any claims against us.

Reliability means quality
We at The Valuer understand the negative impact an unprofessional valuation can have on your business. That's why we ensure that no valuation is prepared by a trainee or assistant valuer. The Valuer has an unrivalled knowledge base and a commitment to exceeding best practice service levels. You can expect more from the Valuer.

Reliability means fair fees
No charging extra for higher risk mortgage valuations. No re-charging for travel costs when we're already working in that area. We enhance our valuation by including a minimum of four photographs of the main dwelling and images of sales evidence, portraying a more comprehensive understanding of the property and market. and more bang for your buck.