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Private valuation services - the Valuer assists in litigation matters, family settlements, stamp duty and capital gains tax requirements or simply gives home owners the confidence of knowing how much their property is worth.

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Corporate valuation services - the Valuer assists corporate clients with a wide range of taxation purposes including stamp duty, the calculation of depreciation and rental reviews.

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Development valuation services - the Valuer can look into the future, informing developers of the future worth of their projects before a shovel has even been picked up.

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Banking valuation services - the Valuer understands that mortgage security valuations need to be executed quickly, allowing financial institutions to provide an optimum service to their clients. Whether you require a valuation on vacant land, a house, shop, office, shed, factory or farmland - the Valuer delivers a more comprehensive service.
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Government valuation services - the Valuer is experienced in assisting councils and government bodies with asset depreciation, purchasing property and public trustee cases.

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Property management rights valuation services - the Valuer combines years of valuation experience with first-hand operational knowledge to value management rights for its business worth.

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